The Third Silence

by Will of the Mountain

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Second Long Play release from the Costa Rican progressive rock project from the mind of multiinstrumentalist Juan Pablo Calvo, Will of the Mountain.


released March 25, 2019

2019 C & P: Juan Pablo Calvo (Bushido Audio Publishing)
Written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Juan Pablo Calvo at Bushido Audio, Tres Ríos, Cartago, Costa Rica.

Musicians on the album: Juan Pablo Calvo (guitars, keys), Charlie Calvo (drums), Chalo Trejos (fret less bass), Germán Gallardo (guest guit sólo on 4), Fernando Coto (guest guit solo on 6) Federico Miranda (guest guit solos on 7) Eduardo Oviedo (flute solo on 6), Jorge Guri (keys on 6).
Singers: David Cubero, Elizabeth Naranjo, Bernal Villegas, Henry D’Arias, Sebastián Acuña, Juan Pablo Calvo


all rights reserved



Will of the Mountain Costa Rica

Solo project from the keyboard and guitar player/songwriter from the Costa Rican band Time's Forgotten and guitar player for The Cursed.

The idea is to collaborate with other musicians that suit the specific record Juan Pablo wants to make at the time.
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Track Name: The Old Sailor's Company part 1: Radiant
On that darkest night I found you
Fighting the ocean like a living force
Gods of wind and rain threatened you
But your spirit shone like the light of a star

You reminded me of home
And so I came to you, Irresistible.
Like a warm bed or a crackling fire
Like the space between unspoken words

Let me take you home
Let me warm your bones
From the cruel sea
Rest your head in mine
And let your cares away

Now the night has past
And dawn will bring new hope
And when your strength fails you
Remember where I found you
And that after all,
you found your way home
Track Name: Unity
I am eternal.
Shimmering life extending through the ages,
and the light singing through flesh and spirit.
Daughter of storm and spring breeze

Lingering fragments of time
circle through my veins:
Fleeting shadows in the corner of my eye
hide in moments before dawn.

Show yourself to me
Look into my eyes and find your purpose.
Your words are my words,
we are one and the same.
Track Name: Lunar
Those distant satellites 
and their cold, cold light
embracing me during this night
of long remembrance:
of long memories and short angers.

Chilling winds from the east
leave their scent on my skin, 
and burn salt water on my face...
traces of forgotten names.

There are spaces between memories:
the "has beens", "the what ifs",
Like the tide they wash over us,
makes us drown in their power

Gods of lightning and shadow 
play with my eyes
go to those distant satellites
and their cold, cold light.
Remember me by name

Distant thunder, brother lightning, 
sister rain, mother moon,
turn your face away
go with the tide
Track Name: En el Aire
Fue entonces que crecí,
trayendo todas mis nostalgias y aparatos,
nostalgias y aparatos,
persiguiendo duendes en el aire,
abrazando la marea de los años

Cantando al aire de pronto te encontré,
sin más, sin buscarte. sin más, sin buscarte.
Donde se funde destino con camino
y el anhelo de llegar, o de haber llegado.
Aquel lugar de ideas propias
Y fue ahí en donde te encontré
y fue ahí donde quedamos.
donde quedamos.

Y fue así que te perdí
olvidado por nostalgias y aparatos.
Te fuiste con los duendes
abrazando la marea de los años

Y en un nuevo amanecer,
al inicio de una nueva vida
nos encontraremos otra vez,
escuchando magia, en el aire.

Y Fue ahí que te encontré
y fue ahí donde quedamos.
Y Fue ahí que te encontré
y fue ahí donde quedamos.
Track Name: New Days in Heaven
Dreams are like rays of light
coming through small hazy windows.
La noche es cuando cierro mis ojos
y todo se ilumina.
Night terrors replaced by cries of joy
Little steps outside the door.

Magic is so very real
when it wraps its arms around you
We make sense of it all
when it smiles at you with its heart

Come little preacher man
Lecture me in life, in you I trust,
Them pearly whites ought to light my path
side by side we will make our stand

Fighting away a world of disconnection
Finding answers in little places
Walking the line with arms wide open
You realize you’re already there
Track Name: The Old Sailor's Company parts 2-3: Tempest, Home
Flow through dark veins
and wither as the day fails,
ghost of a dead crusade.
Time and time again
I wander on this endless sea,
where dreams are shattered.

Once so fair a wind,
came soothing my old leathered skin,
showed me the way back home.

But this late at night every phantom looks the same every wave reflects the moon

Is there so hard to find
a steady sea, or some dry land?
Where is the peace you promised
amidst this endless night?

And if you drown for me
how will I keep on searching?
And if you don’t fight with me
how the hell will I calm the waves?
Please stay, one more night
and I promise I will take you home

Loneliness is the path well traveled
Salt water in old wounds
When every star leads away
I need you to find my way

Is there so hard to find
a steady sea, or some dry land?
Where is the peace you promised
amidst this endless night?

Tread lightly
because I need some sleep
All my battles fought
All my prices won
I fade away into the horizon
and don’t look back.

What is death but a doorway?
What is life but a pathway?
And we move through them very slowly
Like the tide that washed over us
And drowned us with its power.
Track Name: Silence
I turn away from the silent star,
I become light and peace and soul
Night fades away, goes down beyond reach
and on verdant fields, under endless skies
I dwell.

I become light and peace and soul
Night fades away, goes down beyond reach
and on verdant fields, under endless skies
I dwell.

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